What is ISO 30414?

This is one of the management system standards of the International Standard Organization.

This provides guidelines which are established as international metrics for organizations in order to quantify, analyze, and disclose their information on human capital related to their employees. 

This includes formulas for calculating figures of 11 areas and 58 metrics of human capital, such as productivity and diversity.

It is not necessary to disclose externally all metrics, but we classify them according to campany size;  large or small and medium-sized enterprises, and decide to disclose them internally or externally.

Especially in recent years, domestic and foreign investors have emphasized on  efforts to improve the long-term value of companies, and they have begun to forcus on  the disclosure of human capital reportings.

In August 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  obligated listed companies to disclose the human capital reporting of .

In response to this, it is expected that the number of US companies that disclose the Human Capital Report (HCR) will increase significantly in the future. In Europe, German companies have already begun to issue HCRs that comply with ISO 30414.

In considerarion of the demands of investors and the international community and and Japanese labor practices, we support the disclosure of appropriate human capital reporting in according with this standard.